A revolutionary and much-acclaimed study of the work and motives of the "Alice In Wonderland " author.

This is the most significant biographical work on the author of Alice In Wonderland to be published in recent years, and this new edition marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Karoline Leach s study contends that Carroll was far from being emotionally and sexually obsessed with female children and his "muse" Alice Liddell. She tells the strange story of how the false image of Carroll came into being and how he adored and was adored by women of all ages and enjoyed adult relationships that woud have scandalized the Victorian age in which he lived.

The author gained access to unpublished evidence from the family archive, as well as letters and diaries, that led her to uncover Carroll s secret passion for another member of "Alice s" family. "In The Shadow of The Dreamchild "is a radical re-evaluation of the life and work of one of England s most mysterious literary figures, and the revised edition expands on Leach s important research."

20 Black and White Photographs

ISBN: 9780720618594
Author: Leach, Karoline
Publication date: 01/07/2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 358
Dimension: 216mm X 138mm