Following on from the hit PAINTING HAPPINESS, quirky and super-popular Instagram artist presents a playful follow-up in her same charming, unique style - PAINTING CATS.

Perfect for cat lovers and those new or experienced at watercolour art, this joyful book from art educator and cat fan Terry Runyan will teach you how to go from blob of paint to a beautiful portrait of your fluffy friends. Drawing on art therapy techniques, and emphasizing fun and freedom in creativity over technical perfection, this cat-filled watercolour book starts from blobs, and guides you step by step through the process of adding details and creating your own unique and distinct cats! Art has been scientifically proven to have mental health benefits, Runyan explores the ways in which watercolour invites us to be present in the moment and encourages play and experimentation. Projects and more advanced tips help you develop your painting with different techniques, creating a myriad of beautiful portraits along the way!

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  144pp  h230mm  x  w170mm  200+ colour illustrations 

ISBN13: 9780711285347