We know how important happiness is for ourselves but when it comes to pets, making sure they're happy - as opposed to obedient, say - is often underrated. Yet there's plenty of fresh science that shows that a happy, engaged pet is easy to live with and creates happiness in its owners, too.

How to Raise a Happy Dog shows what you can learn from your pet's behaviour and body language, offer a mass of practical ways to raise your pet's happiness levels, and show you how to connect with them in the way they'll love best. Building on recent scientific developments into animal behavioural science, this book's methods aim to increase inter-species understanding and encouraging the behaviour you do want, while discouraging the behaviour you don't. Divided into 6 chapters, each of which contains plenty of easy-to-follow activities which owners can carry out themselves, this book will become an invaluable resource for building and strengthening the bond between human and dog.

Sections include:
How you can get to know your dog better; How to develop happiness in different areas, from exercising to playing; A guide to different stages in a dog's life and at how to tailor activities to a puppy or to an ageing dog.

Perfect for dog owners who want to get to know their canine friends as individuals, this indispensable book offers a new angle that gives owners lots of customized ideas for having fun with their pet, as well as explaining behaviours that they may have previously found baffling.