What began as a 90-Day challenge simply to spend less, becomes an exploration of what matters most. I AM ENOUGH contemplates what it means to have enough, do enough and ultimately be enough. Told with insight and humour, I AM ENOUGH is an antidote to the constant pressure we are under to do more, have more and be more.

Busy radio presenter and broadcaster, author and mid-lifer Sheridan Stewart created the 90-Day Enough Challenge out of necessity. She had been struggling with burnout for years but couldn't find a way to break the cycle of dashing about feeling guilty about spending too much, eating too much and not being a good enough wife, friend, mother, volunteer, work colleague and human being. Sheridan's quest to prioritise calm, self-care and what really matters in life is inspirational. The practical program which she has created is in three parts with a detailed timeline, tips and checklists for every step of the journey.