Great LGBTQ+ Speeches is a pioneering collection of over 40 empowering and influential speeches that chart the history of the LGBTQ+ movement. Read the powerful words of Audre Lorde, Harvey Milk, Munroe Bergdorf, Sir Elton John and more. Together, these speakers touch on all aspects of LGBTQ+ life, from equal marriage to the AIDS crisis, bullying to parenthood, and from the first 19th century campaigns through to trans rights allyship today.

We are stronger when we stand together, and this collection from award-winning activist Tea Uglow encourages us to do just that whilst celebrating the beauty of our differences.
Pour through a pioneering collection of talks, declarations and lectures, from people whose voices have too often been marginalised;
Read over 40 empowering and influential speeches that chart the history of the LGBTQ+ movement up to the present day;
Take in striking photographic portraits with insightful introductions, offering essential context, fresh insights and a nuanced understanding that brings each character and their words to life.

The voices: Audre Lorde; Harvey Milk; Munroe Bergdorf; Sir Elton John; Sir Ian McKellen; George Takei; Sylvia Rivera; Bayard Rustin; Elizabeth Toledo; Alison Bechdel; Loretta E. Lynch; Hanne Gaby Odiele; Vito Russo; Tammy Baldwin; Hillary Rodham Clinton; Barak Obama; Senator Karl Heinrich Ulrichs; Robert G. Ingersoll; Theodora Ana Sprungli; Franklin "Frank" Kameny; Sally Gearhart; Harry Hay; Sue Hyde; Mary Fisher; Essex Hemphill; Simon Nkoli; Urvashi Vaid; Eric Rofes; Justice Michael Kirby; Evan Wolfson; Paul Martin; Ian Hunter; Dan Savage and Terry Miller; Rabbi Kleinbaum; Penny Wong; Arsham Parsi; Anna Grodzka; Debi Jackson; Jhanna Sigurardttir; Lee Mokobe; Ban Ki-moon; Geraldine Roman; Cecilia Chung; Olly Alexander.

This book explains and celebrates key moments in the history of the LGBTQ+ community. It's an inclusive overview of important thought leaders and their backgrounds. Packed with inspiring stories of heroism against the odds, this collection of speeches has the power itself to influence society by spreading the progressive words of its featured speakers.

Forwarded by Peter Tatchell - Illustrated by Jack Holland

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  176pp  h200mm  x  w140mm  350g 

ISBN13: 9780711275010