Perfect pup or mischievous mongrel? Follow nine pup personality tests to find out!

Whether high intensity or half asleep, every dog is unique. A bemusing ball of fluff, there's a lot more to our barking mad, furniture-chewing, squirrel-chasing, loyal droolers than meets the eye. Their adorable quirks and ridiculous escapades never fail to leave us wondering what on earth our four-legged friends are thinking?! This hilarious book is pup psychology 101. Answer 81 multiple choice questions to find out who your pooch really is and how their mysterious mind works. The book features 9 tests defined by classic canine behaviours and life areas. Match your answers to one or more of the 36 colourful canine profiles to help you better understand typical tells and traits and what these can teach you about your pet. Demystify their pet peeves and strange habits, and read on to become a mutt mastermind.