In the latest from the Mystery School Series, world-renowned spiritual guru and international best-selling author Don Miguel Ruiz guides us through the painful process of dealing with grief. When a loved one passes away, those left behind can often lose their bearings. And while you cannot control that loss, this book will help you consciously guide your own recovery, overcome grief and grow personally.

Grief is the third book in Don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emris Mystery School series. Divided into five days' worth of teaching, it shows readers how observing their loss can help them recover. Focusing on developing everyday awareness of human thinking and behaviour, this is an enlightening and accessible book for people of all ages looking to understand themselves better, and transform themselves through mindful awareness.

The Mystery School Series, is a four-part course exploring the spiritual mystery of life, with lessons that bring insight on its specific challenges taught through theory, practice, and imaginative exercises. As a student of life, learn to recognize the creative choices that have made your reality what it is now, and the choices that are still available to you. Use your new understanding to make peace with the past; transform your relationship with the present and create a new script for your life. Continue your transformation with the other three books of the Mystery School Series:

- The Actor: How to Live an Authentic Life
- Eros: Misconceptions About the Art of Romance and Sexuality
- Grief: Self-Care While Surviving the Loss of People we Love
- The Myth: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves and Our Reality