The definition of drive is simple. It can be the act of driving; a trip, in a driven vehicle; a road for driving; or, in the vernacular of today, your car. The Best of Drives 1 is a compilation of 77 first-hand stories that capture the freedom, fun, adventure and exhilaration of driving a cracking car on some of the world’s most epic roads and racing circuits – and tells of a host of eclectic experiences such pursuit invariably brings.

Across the 176 pages, alongside megabuck supercars, you will read also of hot hatches, rorty roadsters, sports sedans, super saloons, charismatic classics and full-on race cars. Most new, others not-so; many pristine, a few well-used; but all characterful and memorable.

This mighty motorcade not only includes a comprehensive selection harvested during the author’s career as motoring writer, but many others garnered through hiring or being offered a drive of something special, somewhere special.

Of course, the machinery is but part-percentage of the alchemy that brews a heady draught called a great drive. The Best of Drives 1 tells of the special spaces and places across four continents and 14 countries where driver and car are at one: awesome alpine passes; dark, desert highways; the passage through stupendously-stunning scenery; lonely roads that are the better for it; and racing circuits fast and furious. Some you will have heard of, others maybe not.