A compelling, un-put-downable account of the recreational marathon runner, Kay Bretz's transformation into one of the best ultra-marathon runners in the world. The reader follows the athlete during his physical and mental challenges and celebrates his hard fought wins, as he discovers motivation to succeed, leaving behind his former motivation to avoid failure. It all started by turning right when his entire perspective on what he was capable of started to shift. Turning Right will inspire readers to find their own magic.

KAY BRETZ improved the race record of Big Red Run, a 250-kilometre, multi-stage, running event in the Australian outback, by more than five hours. He followed up this amazing achievement with a series of podium finishes in events up to 350 kilometres. After a third place at the Australian ultra-trail championships in 2018, Kay was selected for the 24-hour world championships in Albi, France, in 2019, where he was awarded the Australian Ultra Performance of the Year Award. Even before his amazing success as an ultra-runner, Kay Bretz was a high achiever. He was awarded a doctorate in European law in record time and travelled the world as a top management consultant for McKinsey. He excelled in each role he took on.

ISBN: 9780648980322
Author: Bretz, Kay
Publication date: 30/03/2021
Format: Paperback
Pages: 340