A Different Light is a nocturnal snapshot of Brisbane during the COVID19 pandemic. Combing the backstreets, abandoned lots, industrial areas and hidden corners of the city photographer Brett Wood on a tour of the unseen in his home town.

Artist Statement: “A Different Light” delves into the captivating and beguiling beauty of the suburban and industrial landscapes of Brisbane, particularly during the nocturnal hours. The project was born serendipitously during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, when I found myself with an overwhelming desire to create photographs despite being in lockdown. I ventured out into the city’s streets at night, evading security and law enforcement. This initial excursion ignited a passion within me to continue exploring my hometown under the cloak of darkness. Through the use of analogue photography, long exposure techniques, and a wide range of film stocks, I was able to capture a sense of light that the naked eye is unable to perceive. The photographs in this series are devoid of human presence, which plays up to Brisbane’s reputation for shutting down at 9 pm each night. These images do nothing to dispel this stereotype, capturing the unique atmosphere of the city at night and its diverse architecture, which often goes unnoticed. The work serves as a reminder of the everchanging nature of our cities during these unprecedented times, and of the beauty that can still be found in the darkness.

144 pages including 69 images.