In 1983 Australian glaciologist, Trevor Hamley, embarked on a 3,000 kilometre Soviet Antarctic return over-snow traverse from Mirny to Dome C. In this memoir, Trevor reveals how fate and a touch of destiny propelled him towards this unique experience, including a visit to Vostok – the coldest place on Earth.

At every turn, the Dome C traverse was beset by adversity yet achieved its scientific objectives. Mechanical and scientific equipment succumbed to the harsh Antarctic conditions, where temperatures plunged to minus sixty degrees centigrade. An appendicectomy was performed 1,000 kilometres from the safety of a permanent station, an unprecedented feat in the annals of Antarctic expeditions. Each leg of the journey became an exhilarating episode. But the narrative does not merely recount the logistical aspects of the traverse; it delves into the intricacies of glaciology and the profound issue of our time: climate change.

Vodka in a Vegemite Jar, Trevor skilfully intertwines the thrill of exploration with challenging human experiences. He tells us about an extraordinary opportunity and cross-cultural friendship.