Nathan Shepherdson's new collection, parallel equators is a book in five sections, under the five vowels, and through the five apparatus of one hand. It attempts to return its messages to a sender (or senders) locked somewhere in a haze of accidental truths. Words travel at irregular pace on a walking tour through a dissociative alphabet of concepts and images. Fingernails, silence, glass, leaves, eyelids, absence, lungs, and full stops all become entangled as 'body types' in this idiosyncratic language.

Nathan Shepherdson is the author of seven books of poetry. He has two titles due in 2023, parallel equators (Recent Work Press), and axolotl waltz (Puncher & Wattmann). He is a regular collaborator with artists and writers including Arryn Snowball, Pascalle Burton, Jonathan McBurnie, and Sandra Selig.