I saved the pieces of you when you fell apart Robert Adamson wrote that Robbie Coburn's poems "come from tough experiences, yet are created with a muscular craft that glows with alert intelligence". Largely set within stark farmland and surreal, nightmarish dreams, Coburn's new collection of poems, Ghost Poetry, is haunted by depression, trauma, addiction, memory, regret, and the spectre of mutilation and violence inflicted on the human body, accompanied by the desire to leave. But through this, there is always the process of the poet writing; an act that both dissects and preserves experience and suffering. This act ultimately creates, as Leonard Cohen wrote, an engine of survival. Always vulnerable, often confronting and harrowing, Ghost Poetry is a beautifully crafted and important work that will scar the reader.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  96pp  h210mm  x  w149mm  x s11mm  84g 

ISBN13: 9780645536898