Devoted entirely to work by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and artists, Meanjin 82.3 Spring 2023 is framed around notions of place. Guest-Edited by Bridget Caldwell-Bright and Eugenia Flynn, Meanjin 82.3 Spring 2023 is the first edition in the venerable journal's 83-year history to be devoted entirely to the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and artists. The Meanjin Paper that opens this special edition is an archival interview with Oodgeroo Noonuccal, followed by a State of the Nation piece by Gary Foley, and an interview with Ali Cobby-Eckermann. There are essays by Gregory Phillips, Tristen Harwood, Apryl Day, Celeste Liddle and Davina B Woods; fiction by Tony Birch, Melanie Saward, Jeanine Leane and Jasmin McGaughey; memoir by Anna Wommatakimmi, Rosa Flynn-Smith and Phillip Bell; critical culture pieces by Ali Gumillya Baker, Paola Balla and Philip Morrissey; experimental work by Paul Collis and Wayne Knight (with Jen Crawford and Paul Magee). There's also poetry by Jim Everett, Maria van Neerven, Maya Hodge, Sam Faulkner, Susie Anderson, Samuel Wagan Watson, Graham Akhurst, Lulu Houdini and Boo Badley, Ellen van Neerven, and Melissa Stannard. And finally, this edition's The Year In... piece is by Wesley Enoch.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  168pp  h240mm  x  w171mm  x s10mm  331g 

ISBN13: 9780522879742