eanjin Winter 2023 marks a new direction for the journal. It's the first edition to reframe The Meanjin Paper as a piece by a First Nations Elder that greets us the moment we sit down to read. It's the first to introduce new sections that assess the state of the nation, welcome experiments, and cast a long gaze across one particular field. And it's the first by new designer Stephen Banham, the internationally renowned typographer who has dedicated his career to creating a distinctly Australian graphic design language. Featuring the finest new poetry, fiction, essays, memoir and more - including poetry by Kirli Saunders, Ella Ferris Simeon Kronenberg; fiction by Mohammed Massoud Morsi, Lisa Nan Joo, Belinda Paxton and Dan Hogan; essays by Marcia Langton, Tom McIlroy, Catherine Ryan, Lur Alghurabi and Craig Foster; experiments by Cynthia Troup, Justin Clemens & Jason Barker, and Alex Selenitsch; a compelling interview with Maxine Beneba Clark, marking the return of this regular feature; and more. Opening with the Meanjin Paper by Gaja Kerry Charlton, this is a must-have edition as Editor Esther Anatolitis continues to reinterpret Founding Editor Clem Christesen's commitment 'to make clear the connection between literature and politics'.

ISBN:   9780522879728
Publication date:  15/06/2023
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  256
Dimension: 240mm X 171mm