Nine never-before-told stories of remarkable women and their courageous pursuits of climate justice in Australia From boardrooms to blockade camps, from the lush East Gippsland forests to the golden Ningaloo Reef, the fight against environmental destruction takes place in many spaces. The Advocates tells the inside story of nine extraordinary women within the Australian environmental movement and the behind-the-scenes efforts that have helped power advocacy across Australia. Over the past fifty years these advocates have held corporations to account, cleaned up toxic waste in their own backyards, and returned biodiversity to our forests. They are not always on the frontlines of the fight or the front pages of the news, but their relentless commitment to making change is both moving and inspiring. In often unseen and unacknowledged ways these women have educated, agitated and pioneered new approaches to the many crises in the Australian environment. Told through richly detailed interviews, these stories get to the heart of why these women have dedicated their lives to environmental causes and the different ways they have persevered. The Advocates shines a light on nine women's tireless commitment to change, and what it means to be an Australian environmental advocate. These stories will inspire the next generation to find a place in that vital fight.

ISBN: 9780522877793
Author: Ferguson, Jill L
Publication date: 02/07/2021
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272