The December issue of Meanjin is titled- Words. It features a special series of non-fiction pieces in which Australian writers respond to one-word titles, including- Sarah Krasnostein on Home Tony Birch on (Dis)loyalty Bruce Pascoe on Capital Kate Holden on Elements Christos Tsiolkas on Resentment Maxine Beneba-Clarke on Certainty Scott Ludlum on Defiance Bernard Keane on Betrayal Anna Spargo-Ryan on Joy Mandy Ord on Lost Dan Dixon on Hunger Omar Sakr on Jab (Sha'ara) Karen Wyld on Soar Plus- Henry Reynolds on the Dark Emu culture wars, Fatima Measham on what it means to love animals, Daniel Nour on the white gaze in literary criticism, and more essays from Claire G. Coleman, Ben Walter, Soon-Tzu Speechley and Peter Craven. There's new fiction from Arnold Zable, Anneliz Erese, Carol Lefevre and Ashley Goldberg, a lively review section and a dozen new poems.