Camilla Falkenberg, Emma Due Bitz and Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen.

 A Feminist Guide to Changing the World with Your Money

Empower yourself to be the boss of your own money without costing the Earth Do you want to make money while making the world a better place? Then this is the book for you. After the bestselling success of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, the founders of Female Invest are back, and this time they're focusing on impact investing. Cutting through the noise and ditching the jargon, this book teaches you how to build wealth while creating positive change. From understanding investment basics to identifying the ethics behind different assets, you'll learn how to make money while supporting the issues you really care about. By introducing you to important concepts and strategies, and combining them with simple, actionable steps, aligning your investments with your values has never been easier. The good news? You don't need to be rich or an expert to get started.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  192pp  h194mm  x  w152mm  x s22mm  480g 

ISBN13: 9780241607817