This adventurous and moving story is a celebration of single parenting and how our differences can bring us closer together. It's me and you, our team of two. Look what you and I can do! Etta and Mummy are a terrific team of two - a small family, perfectly formed. But on one of their 'Magic Making Days', Etta meets a big pirate family and starts to wonder what life would be like if it wasn't just her and Mummy. It takes a wild and ever-so-slightly-scary adventure to remind her just how special her relationship with Mummy is - and that they are the dream crew of two! Mummy and Me is the moving debut picture book from much-loved TV personality, influencer and entrepreneur Lydia Bright. It's a reassuring adventure celebrating the magical bond between parents and their little ones - a treat for all families to share, and one that will have special resonance for solo-parent families.

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  32pp  h250mm  x  w250mm  x s4mm  184g 

ISBN13: 9780241605837