Passion pieces from the next generation of Australian long-form journalists. Arlie Alizzi lifts the lid on trans powerlifting. Pondering why she is no longer a Catholic, Claire Keenan explores Catholicism in rural Australia. Dan Jervis-Bardy looks at the death of a Sudanese child refugee and the resources dispersed when a child who is not white dies. Esther Linder investigates the world of food supply chains in Australia and how tenuous they are. Hessom Razavi challenges Australia's response to the global refugee crisis. Liz Gooch delves into women's access to sport in Afghanistan and around the world. After examining cups, Penny Craswell writes about their power, meaning and value. Sam Elkin shakes up colonial Australian history with his portrait of Edward de Lacy Evans. And Wing Kuang follows up on sexual consent education in culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The strongest proponents of long-form journalism in Australia - Amanda Hooton, Michael Brissenden, Margaret Simons, Victoria Laurie, Paddy Manning, Matthew Drummond, Ceridwen Dovey, Nick Feik and Maddison Connaughton - mentored these nine writers as they developed stories they knew needed to be shared. These are outstanding stories you don't want to miss.

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