I'll Leave You With This is a heartbreaking, funny, thought-provoking and honest novel about a brother's legacy and the tangled bonds of sisterhood. 'Heartwarming, uplifting, inspiring . . . a compelling read.' Graeme Simsion 'A page-turner from the first to the last. Everyone will be reading this fantastic, heart-warming book this summer. This is Kylie Ladd at her very best. Sally Hepworth The O'Shea sisters couldn't be more different. Allison, an obstetrician, has always put others before herself and is torn between her job and young family. Prizewinning film director Bridie hasn't had work in over a decade, though her actor husband is on the brink of stardom. Clare, desperate for a baby, is bereft when her wife leaves her after their latest IVF failure. And Emma, the youngest, has turned to God to fill the aching loneliness in her life. When their only brother Daniel is killed the four women drift even further apart... Then, on the third anniversary of Daniel's death, Clare proposes an idea- they should trace the many recipients saved by his donated organs. Perhaps their brother's gift of life can bring them back together again?

'Ladd blends depth and pace in this thought-provoking novel that is filled with hope and humour.' Joanna Nell 'Reading this book feels like eavesdropping on a lively family dinner. I love the O'Shea sisters and the journey of discovery that brings them closer to their brother, and to each other.' Kerri Sackville 'Move over Jodi Picoult. Kylie Ladd creates ethical complications then shows us both sides with uncanny insight into human nature. I inhaled this book!' Fleur McDonald 'Kylie Ladd writes about family with such enormous compassion and humour that her characters step off the page and straight into your heart.' Meredith Jaffe 'I loved this book. It's funny, joyful and sharp. An entirely satisfying meal of a novel that doesn't shy away from what is hard about families, it also manages to capture how family can restore you to yourself.' Maggie MacKellar 'An insightful, natural storyteller.' Australian Women's Weekly 'A gifted writer who knows how to weave the complexity of relationships into a beautifully crafted story.' Mia Freedman, Mamamia