She's stayed quiet for too long.
Now it's time to speak her truth.

Until twenty-four hours ago, Mickey Hayward was living the life she'd always dreamed of:

- Working as a full-time writer for a trendy media company (tick)
- In a committed, loving relationship (tick)

Now she's fired, tossed aside for a younger, more 'agreeable' Black writer. Sick of always being overlooked and undervalued, she responds with an online letter detailing the racism she's faced within the industry. But when it's met with overwhelming silence, and her girlfriend suggests they go on a break, Mickey's carefully crafted life starts to fall apart.

As Mickey flees to her hometown, the simplicity of her old life - and the arms of an old flame - are all too tempting. But her life in New York refuses to be forgotten. And when a media scandal turns Mickey's post into a viral sensation, suddenly everyone wants to hear what she has to say.

It's what Mickey's always wanted - isn't it?

Intimate, witty, and deeply sexy, Homebodies is a testament to those trying to be heard and loved in a world that refuses to make space for them.