First comes lust.
An hour after meeting a hot stranger at a bar, Max is with him on the rooftop of his Manhattan apartment, making out.

Then comes hate.
Just five minutes later, Max is bolting back down twelve flights of stairs, hoping never to see him again.

Then comes your best friend's wedding.
So the last person Max wants to turn up at his best friend's wedding - where he is official Gay of Honour to the bride - is that very same hot stranger. Or for him to be a Best Man too - for the groom.

Now the co-Best Men are in a fight to the death over who will be the actual best. But although Max wants to keep his friend close, he discovers he wants to keep his enemy even closer...

Paperback / softback  Unsewn / adhesive bound  384pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  x s24mm  270g 

ISBN13: 9780008588724