This beautifully handmade silk scarf features an authentic Aboriginal art design by North Queensland artist, Justin Butler. Barramundi Waterhole (Bandjin Translation: Wurri-Gulla Yinari) Designed to be a timeless and versatile fashion accessory, the Barramundi scarf can be styled in a myriad of ways. 100% Silk Chiffon. Hand rolled hem. Digitally printed silk. 45cm wide by 150cm long. Presented in a handmade gift box lined with tissue paper. Artwork and artist information card. This painting is Justin Butler’s interpretation of barramundi fish (Wurri-Gulla) hunting small fish in a waterhole (Yinari).  When the barramundi stalks the small fish, it follows its movements from below and strikes in an upwards motion causing an audible “boof” sound.  The white and silver circles depict the water prints caused by barramundi.  By listening for the distinctive sound and reading the water prints, one can tell if the barramundi is present in the waterhole without seeing the fish itself.