Step inside the busy, bustling factory that is the human body, and find out about all the different body parts and systems that keep whirring night and day! The Human Body Factory is an action-packed and informative guide to your insides. Each 'department' is introduced by the busy workers who keep everything running smoothly, from the big boss sending out orders in the brain to waste being sorted and pushed out of the body. The ingenious artworks are packed with humorous details, all backed up with Dan Green's fascinating facts and easy-to-understand text describing and explaining the body's processes. There's a fun search-and-find activity on each page, as well as a quiz at the end to see how much you've discovered about the human body. Whether it's busy workers wearing biohazard suits in the large intestine, lab technicians mixing gastric juices in the stomach with a giant whisk, or the lungs depicted as a gym, you'll find plenty to amaze and amuse in this comprehensive, fact-filled guide to the human body.


ISBN:   9780753448359
Author:   Dan Green
Publication date:  20/07/2023
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  56
Dimension: 305mm x 241mm