Shapes of Tides Pack – Me Pack

Shapes of Tides is inspired by the cycle of the tide. It ebbs in and out in an endless rhythm that slowly creates new shapes on the surface it flows over and through. Over time the shapes grow and connect to make larger shapes and even more interesting, than their original source. The drawing art pack encourages you to take time to look at the small things and recall the oceans rhythm through a continuous slow mark making process. No prior knowledge is required. There is an instructional guide card and QR code tutorial to follow along with. All the materials are included. Ready to pick up and go.

Weight: 182 grams for checked luggage

Materials: 3 sheets of 300gsm DL watercolour paper (acid free, cold pressed), 1 graphite pencil, eraser, sharpener, Pigma Micron 01 archival ink pen, blue Posca paint pen (frame not included).

QR Code: 5.05 minute tutorial duration

Bonus Gift: QR Code tutorial for repurposing the packaging to make more art.