Age range 5 to 8

Learn your letters and numbers by folding cute paper origami models!

Naoko Ishibashi is Japan's #1 bestselling designer of origami models for children. In this book, she presents simple instructions for models containing the 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 numbers, along with 40 other models of animals, tasty foods and other fun objects!

These clever paper models are ideal for caregivers and children to fold together. They provide a great way for kids to learn - through play! The models require very few steps, making them easy for youngsters (and parents!) to fold.

Origami offers kids the chance to engage their minds and develop their motor skills. Older children will enjoy combining the letters into words and names, and making decorative banners for special events or bulletin boards. The author even shows you how to create a personalised scrapbook with your paper models!

Paperback / softback   112pp  h254mm  x  w191mm  397g  Photos and illustrations throughout - 80 different  Paperback 

ISBN13: 9784805317884