Learn to create gorgeous portraits in watercolor using easy techniques. Written and illustrated by Ana Santos, an artist and illustrator and a popular online instructor, Creative Portraits in Watercolor presents simple step-by-step demonstrations and beginner-level exercises to create expressive, imaginative portraits. You'll learn about: Essential Materials. Types of watercolor paint, papers, brushes, and other supplies. Color. Its essential characteristics, plus the color wheel, harmonies, contrasts, and creating palettes. How to Work with Watercolor. Fundamental methods, brushstrokes, transparencies, gradients, and techniques for creating areas of light. Proportions of the Face. Basic proportions and feature positions for front, profile, and three-quarter views, plus creating imaginary faces and transferring reference images. Creative Portraits. Discover more than 20 fun exercises that explore painting portraits using key color wheel palettes, mixed media combinations, and thought-provoking techniques. With Creative Portraits in Watercolor, you'll learn how to achieve stunning results with simple techniques.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  144pp  h279mm  x  w216mm  635g  approximately 200 images 

ISBN13: 9780760382424