In America, there is a tradition of teens protesting injustice and bringing about change that the older generation just couldn't. Craftivism means using handmade art to provoke, to interrupt, to draw attention, to help others, and hopefully to bring change. Ever heard of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which helped raise awareness of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s? That's craftivism. Remember the bright pink pussyhats from the Women's March in 2017? That's craftivism, too. In Crafting Change, author Jessica Vitkus interviews modern craftivists and scholars who study political crafting of the past. This full-color book includes their own words, historical context, over 100 photos of the artists and their work. The result is an engaging narrative that reads like a mix-tape of the craftivist greats. It's a perfect book for teens who want to find creative ways to change the world for the better, even including step- by-step instructions to get readers started on their own craftivist journey.