30 Crochet projects for festive gifts and decorations

Crochet yourself into the Christmas spirit with these 30 gorgeous patterns for decorations, festive outerwear and personal gifts..
Deck the halls with boughs made of yarn! Just grab your hook and this book and get cracking. With 30 patterns from Lindsey Newns (@lottieandalbert), you'll have Christmas decorations and gifts sorted for many years to come, with crochet crafts including:

A super chunky wreath
Tasselled baubles
Reusable crackers
Festive amigurumi
Candy cane present toppers

And many, many more...

It's beginning to look a lot like Crochetmas!

Hardback  128pp  h196mm  x  w176mm  x s15mm  440g  60 col illus 

ISBN13: 9780008558635